Nsidibe Sunday Ukim aka Ikpa Udo is the rave of the moment. Everyone is talking about him. On social media, on the streets, in offices, at clubs, bars and everywhere, Ikpa Udo is the name on every lips.

I woke up to execute some morning chores before going out to fend for daily bread. Before stepping out, I strolled into social media.
Behold, young Ikpa Udo is still topping social media trends three days after news broke that he has bagged an endorsement deal with foremost beer brand, Hero Lager.
Even on this day fixed for issuance of certificates of return to elected political office holders, Ikpa Udo is still on the front burner.

Apart from the ensuing congratulations, ferocious doubts, criticism, and outright mockery are equally wafting.

Someone even inferred that he was ordered to take a picture with a bottle of Hero Beer in order to be rewarded with more bottles of beer.

Well, while you are there making jest of the development, or asking for the contract papers to be uploaded on social media as proof of authenticity of the deal, the young man is busy working with the Hero Lager crew on a documentary codenamed URUDIA which means ‘There’s A Worth Within You.’
He is working alongside famous veteran rapper Ill-Bliss and few other artistes.

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In simple terms, Ikpa Udo working on the URUDIA Project which is perfectly designed to embolden Hero Lager’s cardinal message of self worth, implies an endorsement of the brand.

Ikpa Udo’s face must not be on the beer bottle sticker, or billboard of Hero Lager, before the deal is considered as an endorsement. Endorsement comes in different formats.

Brethren, Ikpa Udo earned the deal with a talent refined by hardwork and consistency. I am a rap addict.
Rap is poetry. Rap has universal vibes irrespective of its language of delivery. I have Rick Ross, Eminem and Nicki Minaj as my favourites in the international scene.
In Africa, I adore Sakordie, Olamide, the legendary M.I. and Ruggedman, illbliss (who is coincidentally working with Hero Lager) and the late Dagrin.

In the indigenous rap terrain, Zillionz Don Dada never disappoints. Dude is a ultra-talented. His punchlines always on target. Ikpa Udo comes into the mix with his delivery, hardwork and consistency.

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For years, they have rapped in Ibibio Language. Despite the Ibibio tribe being regarded as the fourth largest ethnic nationality in Nigeria, Ikpa Udo and his friends in the indigenous rap game saw limited opportunities in the mainstream entertainment industry.

I pray this becomes the turning point in his career. The orphan deserves joy and success. The Yorubas would never vilify Olamide, or even exchange him for 50 Cent, the Igbos would never exchange Phyno for Jay-Z, the Ibibios and Akwa Ibom people should therefore not pin down Ikpa Udo.
Let Ikpa Udo be the bottle of beer that propels us into the realms of love, joy and ecstasy.

Brethren, Hero Lager has been very strategic in this collaboration.
For a beer largely seen as an Igbo brand, collaborating with public figures outside the Igbo region, is a good marketing strategy. The collaboration can open doors for other Akwa Ibom sons and daughters depending on the feedback received by the company and other brands. However, more doors will not open if we continue with this toxicity. The

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Those who swore to high heavens that Ikpa Udo would not excel should have a rethink. Those forces of negativity should smell the coffee and wake up before it is too late. No man was born to underachieve.

Brethren, a miracle that will send tongues wagging is coming your way. Nothing lights up life like success.
You will succeed in your undertakings. Those who feel they’ve cut you off from all opportunities shall be forced to cough out congratulatory messages to you.

Today is for Ikpa Udo, tomorrow could be mine or yours. Let’s celebrate victories!