Although some elements in the opposition camp are yet to come to terms with the fact that Pastor Umo Eno is the Governor against their wishes, it is glaring that the ship is now captained by a man with vision who is determined to berth it on a very goodContinue Reading

…karma is real Date line: February 14th, 1999.We were all seated in Jos Township Stadium full of enthusiasm that Dr Alex Ekweme was going to emerge as Presidential candidate of PDP. Prior to that, there was several attempt to compromise Dr Okwesikieze Nwodo, the party’s national secretary. He would notContinue Reading

A time was when the traditional institution in Akwa Ibom State regaled in prestige, sanctity and dignity. A time was when political leaders always sought advice and guidance from traditional rulers. A time was when an erring politician would literally freeze in the presence of a traditional ruler. In thoseContinue Reading

Fuel Price Hike: 9 ways to conserve fuel in your car. With the hike in fuel price is here to stay, car owners across the country would have to find ways to survive despite the increased cost. Whether to work, a drive to purchase groceries at the mall, pick upContinue Reading