Do You Know Her?This is Mariam Makeba alternatively known as Mama Africa. Born in1932 to Swazi and Xhosa parents in South Africa.She was forced to marriage at 17 years. The marriage turned to be abusive prompting a divorce. Having great vocals, she started singing anti-apartheid songs earning her a globalContinue Reading

As an African, you travel to Israel to pray on a wall. This is called pilgrimage and you automatically earn the title of JP. As an African, you travel to Saudi to pray on a black stone. This is called Hajj and you automatically earn the title of Alhaji. AsContinue Reading

‘As a Staunch Advocate for African Self-Determination, Kenyatta Emerged as a Leading Voice in the Struggle Against British Colonial Rule, Galvanizing Support among Kenya’s Diverse Ethnic Communities for the Cause of Independence’ Revered as the Founding Father of Kenya, is a Towering Figure African Nationalism and Post-Colonial Statecraft. His TrajectoryContinue Reading