I am not a fan of Olusegun Obasanjo and will never be his fan, but Obasanjo has a special grace reserved for men of destiny. It was Gen Hassan Katsina that first discovered this uncommon grace in Obasanjo. In her book titled “Bitter Sweet”. Obasanjo’s first wife and the motherContinue Reading

…the constitutional hurdle’s connection There are signs suggesting that Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi may be considering running for office in 2027, making it challenging for either of them to give up their ambitions. The potential merging presidential candidates from different opposition parties have not managed to obtain full approvalContinue Reading

… the Betta Edu, others’ connections turnpot@gmail.com 0807 552 5533 There are as many reasons as discussants as to why Nigeria is not moving forward, why it is under-performing in the views of many, and why it is not fulfilling its potential. I will discuss only three of these reasonsContinue Reading

NIGERIA’s FOREIGN POLICY AND THE NON-ALIGNED MOVEMENT MEETING IN  UGANDA TODAY: FOR THE ATTENTION OF PRESIDENT BOLA AHMED TINUBU AND MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF NIGERIA— (for the benefits of political science students, International Relation, international politics as well as interested readers) By Abbati Bako Nigeria is a member ofContinue Reading