A.B.U Graduate, Engineer Enwongulu Who Built Motorcycle In Akwanga Says It Cost Him Over ₦200k Engineer James Enwongulu, has hinged his decision to build a motorcycle on current prices of automobiles in the country. According to him, it cost him over ₦200,000 to built the bike nicknamed “Spiritual” by hisContinue Reading

Thinking about running that marathon? Register today. Eager to pursue that degree? Start preparing your application. The first step to doing anything worthwhile is beginning. And while it can be quite challenging to make that initial leap, you won’t get anywhere without kicking off the process. You’ll never feel fulfilledContinue Reading

Synopsis: This article or write up is a thoughtful and reflective title that emphasizes the positive impact that an understanding mind can have on ourselves and our relationships with others. An understanding mind is a state of mind that is characterized by empathy, open-mindedness, and a willingness to learn andContinue Reading