‘They supported the killing of Muammar Gaddafi’ -Netizen

By our Correspondent

Mixed reactions have continued to trail the ongoing construction of border walls along parts of South Africa. The South African authorities say the move was to prevent certain individuals from entering the country for sinister intentions such as car-snatching, drug pushing, etc.

Expressing dissatisfaction, a Facebook user with the name ‘African My Territory’ posted as follows:

“The proposition of South Africa erecting a formidable barrier within its boundaries akin to the walls of Jerusalem signifies South Africa’s disinterest in Africa’s vision of a borderless continent, unified currency, and cohesive units.

“This inclination is evident in their efforts to fortify their borders with wall structures to deter Africans from neighboring regions from entering South Africa. Consequently, South Africa’s focus is directed towards insulating itself from external influences, exemplified by their silence on the civil unrest in the Democratic Republic of Congo while prioritizing discourse on the conflict between Palestine and Israel. 

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“This stance extends to their voting in favor of Muammar Gaddafi’s condemnation to death within the United Nations council. Regrettably, we witness the loss of our fellow Africans due to a disparity between geographical and racial affiliation, juxtaposed with the adoption of mentalities influenced by foreign powers such as Russia and the USA”.

In their separate responses, the following social media users had this to say:

Castro Maphuta: South Africa is building concrete barriers along the South Africa-Mozambique border to prevent people from crossing over to steal and smuggle vehicles. Some are using the very same border to pass with drugs which kills our fellow young people, so according to you my fellow brothers South African government is not supposed to protect its people? I’m a South African and I don’t have problem with our african brothers and sisters, some of us we have many friends from outside the country who work here and the are good people but we are against those who cross-borders to do serious crimes, selling of drug’s and all of that.

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Mohammad Abubakar: I’m Nigerian they should secure their border I support them.Every body should put their house in good order and stop going to disturb others who have worked so hard to build their economies.

Future Leader Polo: I wonder the ideology south Africa has for African people war in our door step like Sudan and Congo all those place instead Israel and Palestinian are there major interest hmm black man has a problem

Joseph M To: They must stop at once if they are not to be seen as hypocrites specially for being against the Israel apartheid walls against Palestinians.

Isaac Mohaa: I regret sympathizing with them during apartheid rule,,,I think they deserve it

Luchemo Kamwaya: In order for leaders to have absolute power in African countries, they need to come up with a common enemy for everyone so that it is easier for leaders to govern their countries.  This mythical character is a white man

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to be continued