Re: ‘Akwaibom(sic) Obi-Datti movement Endorse YPP Governorship Candidate Senator Oong Bassey Albert’


‘Obi-Datti Movement in Akwa Ibom Declare Support for Umo Eno’


We have been duly briefed by our compatriots in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria and we have also confirmed from a section of the Media that a certain group of persons who call themselves “…majority of leaders of Obi-Dati Movement in Akwa Ibom state…” few days ago, purportedly endorsed the Governorship Candidate of YPP; Sen. Obong Bassey Albert (OBA) as their preferred Candidate for the governorship election slated to hold on 18th March, 2023.

Just about two days ago, we heard another news of these same impersonators, using same ‘Obi-Datti Movement in Akwa Ibom State’, this time led by a notorious scammer and political prostitute; Nature Udoh, claim to have declared support for the PDP candidate, Pastor Umo Eno. What idiotic and infantile gimmicks!

The most annoying part of the whole charade is the fact that these persons claimed to have worked for the Obi-Datti Presidential Project, through which they attempted to derive credibility: what a big lie and futile attempts!

We would have ordinarily loved to ignore these political charlatans of far less morals for their negligibility, but for the sake of the unsuspecting voting public.

It is upon the aforesaid that we wish to set the records straight as follows:

  1. That the signatories to the said purported OBA ‘endorsement’ Press Release: Engr. Otoabasi Ntia, Mfon Mkpong, Bernard Titus, et al, and Nature Udoh and his cohorts whose photographs appear on the Umo Eno show of shame ‘declaration’, only joined the Obi-Datti Movement halfway, for their selfish intentions to sabotage the party for pecuniary gains.
  2. That while it is fine for people to vote their conscience, it’s very wrong to intentionally misrepresent or lie to confuse the general public. The Obi-Datti Movement has not collapsed its structure or signed any agreement to the best of our knowledge. Our principal is urging people to go out and vote for the LP on March 18.
  3. That we in the Peter Obi’s camp are trying to get away from corruption and misrepresentation.
    The YPP putting Obi’s picture with OBA’s picture against what we are fighting for. The action of YPP is criminal. In the same vein, anyone who truly identified with Mr. Peter Obi and his ideals cannot jump into supporting the PDP with its atrocious leadership in Akwa Ibom state.
  4. That as genuine and faithful followers of Akwa Ibom Obi-Datti Movement, we view this action by these disgruntled fellows as an attempt to merge darkness with light. We must inform these persons that H.E. Peter Obi is not a convict nor cultist, neither does he possess unverifiable certificate hence, would not be equally yolked with any.
  5. That it is the wishes of all Akwa Ibomites today that the state should never experience the reoccurrence of the 2007 to 2015 era. It was in this era that Akwa Ibom state witnessed the highest incidences of alleged politically motivated assassinations, kidnaps, missing of pupils, politically motivated incarcerations, rape of women and children, etc, and the same YPP Governorship Candidate today, was a member of the PDP and served under that administration as Commissioner.
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The real OBIdients in Akwa Ibom are also praying to witness May 29, 2023 in a hurry, when the eight years of insensitive government would have come to an end hence, can never support its elongation or third term in disguise.

  1. That it was also during this era that the state witnessed the highest windfall of revenues -both external and internal. Yet, it was during this era that Akwa Ibom State had the highest record of humongous wastages, corruption and stealing of State resources yet, this same YPP Governorship Candidate, Sen. Obong Bassey Albert (OBA) -whom they claimed to have endorsed on the bases of “… Character, Capacity, competence and compassion…” served under that era as Commissioner for Finance and Chairman of Interministerial and Direct Labour Committee.

Also, the PDP-led government in the state has not been able to account for the 13% Derivation Arrears Returns and other huge revenues from the federal government in the last eight years, therefore not deserving of genuine Obi-Datti Movement’s endorsement.

  1. That any attempt by anyone to link H.E. Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party or the Obi-Datti Movement to anyone who was conspicuously part of such inglorious eras in the state is an insult to Akwa Ibomites and the Obi Project.
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We must at this point inform these ‘messengers of evil’ that the Governorship Candidate of the Labour Party in Akwa Ibom state; Mr. Uduak Udoh represents the New Era and his plans for the state are in line with Mr. Peter Obi’s plan for Nigeria.

It is upon the basis of the aforementioned analysis that we the members of Akwa Ibom Obi-Datti Movement in the Diaspora, wish to urge the people of Akwa Ibom state to discountenance such barbaric and cash-and-carry endorsements as same came from agents of darkness.

We therefore implore you all to continually support Mr. Uduak Udoh and vote for him on Saturday, 18th March, 2023, as he is the only governorship candidate who has no record of cultism, certificate forgery, embezzlement of State resources, corruption and/or judicial conviction. He is the only hope for a New and Prosperous Akwa Ibom state!

Thanks and may God bless you all.

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Akwa Ibom Professionals Abroad

For: AKSDiaspora4ObiDatti