By our Correspondent

Following the claim by Sen Ningi that the 2024 budget as was passed by the National Assembly had been padded to the tune of N3trn, Senator Olamileken Adeola during plenary on Tuesday sought an open Senate Session To Address the padding  allegations.

Meanwhile, more Northern Senators have reportedly dissociated themselves from Sen. Ningi’s allegation.

It was gathered that Senator Opeyemi Bamidele was apparently angry to the point of saying that what Senator Abdul Ningi tried to do could be likened to a civilian coup.

Bamidele also praised Senator Tambuwal and Former Senate President, Ahmed Lawan for being upright. He was reportedly quoted to have said that some Senators were still pained over the senate presidency election which Akpabio won.

During the Tuesday plenary session, another allegation of ‘senior’ Senators collecting N500m was also thrown up. 

According to Senator Agom Jarigbe: “Some ranking senators got N500m each under the leadership of Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, while others got less”

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Below are what some of the senators said:

*** “Senator Ningi Hasn’t Submitted A Single Document Or Evidence Backing His Claims On The 2024 Budget, This Senate Never Padded The Budget”.~ SENATE PRESIDENT GODSWILL AKPABIO

“We must never accept any apology from Senator Ningi. It is ridiculous to do so. He lied deliberately. Mr Senate President, you’re occupying that seat 40 years after a South South person occupied it. The last time a Southerner was there was during Obasanjo and they were being changed every time. 

It was only stable when it returned to the north. David Mark spent 8 years, Saraki completed his 4 years, Lawan spent his 4 years. Don’t be deceived, the losers of June 2023 Senate President election are still angry. Some have accepted but a few haven’t. 

They have plotted to remove you before June 2024. That is why you must not allow this deliberate mischief by Ningi to go away. He did it on purpose. He knew he was lying, he set the public against you, he will do it again. We must apply our sanction…..” ~ Senator Bamidele Opeyemi 


“This is not the first time that fake news will emanate from the Northern Senators Forum. There was also a time immediately President Tinubu presented the budget, someone posted that the North was shortchanged, and we discovered it was fake news, the person brought the post down. Let us also forgive Senator Ninigi, please…..” ~ Senator Ali Ndume said condemning Senator Ningi’s claims.

Senator Jimoh Ibrahim had proposed a Motion That The Senate Should Suspend Senator Ningi Over Budget Padding Claims For 12 Months.

“I’m not an inferior northerner. I’m a proper northerner, and a Senator from Niger State. You can’t speak on my behalf without my consent….” ~ Senator Sani Mohammed told Senator Ningi

Senator Abdul Ningi Representing The Bauchi Central Senatorial District of Bauchi State was suspended For 3 Months over what his colleagues described as ‘False Budget Padding’ claims.

To be continued