His name is Mr. Uche Igbani. He hails from Abia state. By his status as a Triple Crown Diamond, Mr. Uche has reached the apex in the echelon of SuperLife Company.

In this interview with IME SILAS, Uche, who is the Nigerian Number One Representative of SuperLife, shed light on the innovative Stem Cell Therapy, employed by health technicians to treat ailments, using his company’s STC30.

He spoke extensively on the efficacy of SuperLife products as well as business opportunities available in the company.


Tell us about SuperLife Company?

SuperLife is a Malaysian Company that is into Plant Stem Cells products’ research and development. The company was officially launched on the 1st of June 2017.
Its topmost mission is to create super healthy and wealthy global community while also helping every investor and member to gain financial freedom.

SuperLife Company, in a bid to monitor products movement, products integrity and to curtail unnecessary monopoly and monitor distribution channels, has adopted the Multilevel Marketing System. By this, everyone who wants to be part of the success story can key in by becoming a distributor of the company. The company’s products are self-advertising as those who use them are the main advert agents.

They go out and tell people about the efficacy of the products. SuperLife today has rapidly become a multibillion dollars global company.
Also members can make unlimited income by becoming channels of distribution of this highly sought after Products.

SuperLife uses the stem cell health technology to solve health challenges bedeviling humanity and I can tell you that testimonies are everywhere.

There are various similar supplements today in the market and all claiming to cure or prevent diseases. One may be forced to think that yours is just the same.

That is the main issue and probably, this is where Super Life as a brand derives its name. SuperLife products are super in the sense that their workings are quite different from those other supplements you may be referring to.

As someone who has been in this line for many years now, I can conveniently say that SuperLife products are second to none. While the conventional drugs and or supplements work in conventional ways, SuperLife products work in consonant with latest innovations in health technology known as Stem Cell Therapy.

You will agree with me that human bodies are made up of cells. A cell is that small, usually microscopic mass of protoplasm bounded externally by a semipermeable membrane. It usually include one or more nuclei and various other organelles with their products capable alone, or interacting with other cells, of performing all the fundamental functions of life.

The cell forms the smallest structural unit of a living matter and is capable of functioning independently. The cells control every part of the body, enabling full functionality. As long as the cells are functional, the human body has no problems. Problem starts when the cells are attacked to the extent that they lose their functionality.

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So what our Stem Cell products do to an ailing body is that it will infuse and cause or induce the person’s stem cells through the Central Nervous System to multiply and become any of the damaged cells. This will correct and restore the function or functions of the damaged organ and the affected person becomes totally normal. So this is where and why SuperLife is different from others.

Your description is quite interesting but could you please shed more light on this especially, considering your products’ ability to treat wide range of ailments

Okay, let me break it down this way. First of all, our products are mainly natural plant extracts. Plant Stem Cells when taken by a patient, for instance, through sublingual means, that is, placing the stem cell powder under the tongue, it goes straight into the blood stream.

Stem Cell will infuse and cause or induce the person’s stem cells through the Central Nervous System to multiply and become any of the damaged cells. By this, the damaged organ will be corrected and restored; and the ailing individual becomes healed naturally without any side effect.

Plant Stem Cell therefore acts as a trigger that induces human stem cells to start multiplying at an exceedingly rapid rate; increasing the number of human stem cells in a person’s body which will enable the body to naturally repair itself. Stem cells boost the immune system, improve the body’s resistance to disease and cause the body’s ability to heal itself by the differentiation of stem cell into particular body cells.

This therefore makes the body to function up to its optimal level. This is why we say that Stem Cell is a supernaturally-given remedy for any disease affecting the human body.

You earlier mentioned ‘Adult Stem cell’. Could you provide deep analysis on this?

Yes, it is part of this innovative health technical terminology. I think this can be well illustrated using the skin as an example.

The skin is used because it is the ‘guidepost’ or signpost for how old a person is. As one gets older, the skin starts to thin and loses its elasticity. It is the loss of this elasticity that causes it to wrinkle and sag. Normally, the skin consistently renews itself, shedding old cells as new cells are created underneath.

The birth of these new skin cells is caused by the activities of the adult stem cells. As one ages, the adult stem cells decrease in number and gradually become dysfunctional. If one is able to keep the regeneration of skin tissues at more youthful levels by the addition of adult stem cells, he or she would be able to maintain a youthful-looking skin for a longer period of time.

Again, this practical and experimental evidence exists to show that the repair of organs can be achieved through this stem cell technology.

Have these claims been scientifically proven?

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Of course, yes. It has been scientifically proven and has been in use in developed climes long before now.

It is documented that stem cells can be used in the management and treatment of more than 130 diseases. These include kidney stones, kidney failure, liver diseases, and dysfunction of the pancreas, vision impairment, skin repair and glaucoma.

Stem cell treats the hitherto seemingly untreatable cancer of any kind. It also takes care of Down syndrome, stroke, leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis, and brain tumor, problems with the musculoskeletal system, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, reproductive issues in men and women, bone marrow transplant, wound healing, and enlargement of the prostate, cardiovascular diseases among others.

Okay. Sir, can you name any of your Company’s products and briefly explain how it works?

Let me mention the STC30. This is one health technology magic in the world of Stem Cell Therapy. It is made of plants ingredients such as Blackcurrant Juice Powder, Bilberry Extracts, Glisodin; that is Cantaloupe Extract, PhytoCellTec Solar Vitis; that is, Vitis Vinifera (cuts in)

Most of these plants you have mentioned seem unknown to most persons in this clime. Considering that you are speaking to your prospective clients and investors; could you please expatiate more on some of them?

Yes; you are right. Let me explain. Blackcurrants are known scientifically as Ribes nigrum. Before now, they were somehow ‘forbidden fruits’ especially in the United States. Blackcurrants are rich in anthocyanins, polyphenolic substances, antioxidants, vitamin C and Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA).

Blackcurrants help in regulating blood flow; they improve the immune system. Blackcurrant extract also improves Ocular health while also helping in Gut and Kidney problems.

Blackcurrants have also been scientifically proven to minimize the risk of developing metabolic disorders such as type 1 and type 2 Diabetes. They are equally rich in vitamins such as E, A, B1, B5 and B6. Perhaps what’s more important is the fact that it is very rich in Vitamin C. Its vitamin C content exceeds that of Citrus plants.

The content of antioxidants in Blackcurrants and by extension, STC30, doubles that of blueberries. Vitamin C also helps in protein metabolism and production of collagen which plays an essential role in skin care and prevention of aging. This is just a brief of what Blackcurrant, which is an ingredient of the SuperLife STC30, can do.

You also mentioned the Bilberry Extract…

Yes. Bilberry is known scientifically as Vaccimium myrtillus. It is a member of the Ericaceae family with synonyms such as whortleberry, blueberry, bearberry huckleberry and European blueberry. Bilberry as an important component of SuperLife STC30 has a myriad of functions. These include but not limited to protection against liver damage which is due to the presence of antioxidants.

Bilberry extracts exhibit inhibitory and radical scavenging activities that increase the level of vitamin C and glutathione in the body. The rise in level of these two nutrients drastically lowers the concentration of nitric oxide in the hepatocytes. It also prevents Atherosclerosis, just to mention but a few.

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So these are just few benefits of the products of SuperLife and the company has a very bright future which I would encourage our people to take advantage of this opportunity and join the company.

Let’s look at the business aspect. What are the economic benefits for those who may wish to join the business?

Thank you very much. As I have stated earlier, I have been into what is commonly known as Network Marketing Business for a very long time but I must confess that I have never come across any company that is as good and benefitting as SuperLife. As I speak to you, a lot of people have already been made Millionaires, courtesy of SuperLife Company.

I am a living testimony. Those who knew me before now would surely be shocked to see what SuperLife has done in my life. I won’t talk much about myself. What about others who ‘took the risk’ along with me? Today, and, God willing, their lives are not, and can never be the same again.

So, I advise Akwa Ibom people especially, to join the business and they will never regret they did. Fortunately, the first meeting of SuperLife in Nigeria was held here in Akwa Ibom few years ago and today, we have blossomed.

So far, SuperLife Company has touched many lives in the state both health wise and financially. A lot of people have been cured of their ailments while many have had financial freedom by investing in the company. I still want to see more of Akwa Ibom people becoming Millionaires in no distant time.

Apart from Akwa Ibom state, how rooted is the business in other states of the federation?

What you see here is just our Uyo office. We have similar offices in most state capital cities across Nigeria. So far, we have covered about fifteen states and we are still going. We are breaking new grounds. I am encouraged by the rate Nigerians embrace SuperLife products as well as the number of people who have invested. Very soon, SuperLife will become a household name.

So what are the modalities for those wishing to join the company; and in a nutshell, what are the expected benefits?

Very simple! For as low as N49, 500.00 (Forty Nine Thousand Five hundred Naira) only, one can become a distributor with SuperLife Company and start getting the benefits on daily basis. There are different levels of distributorship depending on the choice of the investor.

I will advise anyone wishing to join Superlife Company to visit our office here at #1 Babangida Avenue, for more information or call my phone line on 07033321318. We use to have our seminars here. So I welcome everyone to attend our seminars and learn more on how to stay healthy and be wealthy.

It’s really been nice speaking to you, Sir.

The pleasure is mine, thank you.