The ordinary citizens on the African Continent should learn some lessons.

About ten years ago, the two Ivorian leaders, Laurent Gbagbo and current President Quatara political disagreements led to the death of so many innocent Ivorians.

Mr Gbagbo had refused to accept the defeat in the presidential elections which was claimed to be won by Mr Quatara. The supporters, poor Ivorians, fought and killed themselves. Gbagbo was later arrested and sent to the International Criminal Court, but was later released.

Today, the two have made peace. As can be seen in the above post, they are holding themselves while the poor innocent supporters are in their graves, and their wives, children and other members of families are languishing. Trust me, neither President Quatara nor Ex President Gbagbo will help the families of the dead supporters.

So those who blindly fight for African politicians need to be wise. Stop creating enemies as a result of political differences. SHUN VIOLENCE!